Step Two: Came to Believe That a Power Greater Than Ourselves Could Restore us to Sanity.

Hey friends. Vance Johnson, former NFL athlete, and current Recovery Advocate here! Last week we discussed the first step of the 12 Step AA program. This week we will continue with the second step. Alcoholics Anonymous step two states that “We came to be aware that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Let’s talk about what the “power greater than ourselves” means and how to successfully maneuver this step.

Finding Our Higher Power in Step Two

The second step of the 12 steps program piggybacks off the success of the first step. Unless you have genuinely admitted to being powerless when it comes to your addiction, you will not be open to letting a higher power help. As a Christian, my higher power is God.  I give the glory to God every chance I get because he was able to show me the way to salvation through sobriety. It wasn’t an overnight process, though. Before my absolute devotion to Christ, we argued. In the depths of my addiction, I was convinced that God turned away from me. I still believed in Him, and I never blamed God as many do; I just hid from Him in my sin. Eventually, I was able to admit fault in my addiction and finally see God for what he actually was, a power greater than myself. That’s when I let go, and let God. 

Restoring Us To Reason in Step Two

Coming to the realization that you are giving up control to something bigger than yourself can be scary, especially if you have not had a relationship with the Lord. Don’t let this deter you from the program. Not everyone has to choose a higher power like God himself (though I do recommend him) you can also find sanity in someone you admire, nature, balance in the universe, karma, spirituality, or science. You can even identify AA as a higher power. It is a congregation of millions of people who have solved their addiction problem, as compared to you who is still an addict. The goal with this step is not to determine what the higher power is but to be open to something greater than yourself restoring your sanity. If you are still having trouble identifying your higher power, don’t be afraid to discuss it with other members of your support system.

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