This program format has been designed for school assemblies and community groups, with the focus of relating Vance's story to school-aged kids 6-12 grade nationwide. Following a 2-5 min highlight film Vance's NFL career and journey to sobriety, Vance touch's on these topics, domestic violence, drunk driving, gateway drugs, peer pressure. Vance will then field questions from the audience.


In this very personal presentation, Vance will share his story in a brutally honest format and transparency. Starting with his toxic childhood environment in Trenton, New Jersey. His athletic prowess landing him on the biggest and brightest stages; including the NCAA Track & Field Championships, the Pan American games, and ultimately the NFL gridiron. His speed on the field was matched by an equally fast paced and chaotic lifestyle on the field. Unfortunately, he repeated the cycle of his youth; failed relationships, alcoholism, addiction and 26-day alcohol induced coma.

Christian Speaker

Vance loves people, especially those who face situations in life that leaves them hopeless, battling life and situations that bankrupts the spirit. When your searching for a speaker who has achieved the highest levels of athletics & business, only to find it all loss because of the surpassing worth ok knowing Christ Jesus, then Vance is your next speaker! Exploring Spirituality as part of a larger mind/body/soul awareness, motivating the audiences, congregation, fellowship retreat, or students with Uplifting, Inspiring Motivation.

Success Stories

  • Anonymous 3

    I want to Thank U so Much just for taking the time to talk to me.....

    There's so many people out there and i'm just one broken soul, who isn't anyone special i truly appreciate you just giving me hope. The road has been so long and so hard and just the few minutes we spoke made me feel like maybe there is life out there for me still to live? Maybe i can do some good and give my kids a reason they'd be proud of me.

    I really feel to heal i need to help others but can barely help myself at this point! I cant continue to live feeling this way! I just wont make it! I could go on and on but i know your busy so ill just leave it here and hope maybe there is a miracle waiting for me and somehow i will find some happiness in all this pain?

    Looking forward to hearing from u!!
    Thank you!!

  • Janet G thank you for helping and inspiring so many people

    I am the proud mother of the young man you spoke with in Colorado Springs and was featured near the end of the NFL film.

    His name is Jesse and today is day 105 of his sobriety!

    God bless you and thank you for helping and inspiring so many people.

    Kindest regards.

  • – Anonymous 2

    Thanks Vance for your help, landed safely in Chicago yesterday! Thanks for telling me about your story and giving me hope in my recovery! Keep your head up! Love ya bro!

  • – Sal Viscount

    Hope all is well. My name is Sal Viscount. I went through treatment back in June. I'm currently living in the Boynton Beach area and just celebrating 8 months of sobriety. I'm reaching out to thank you for all the kind words you offered me during my stay. I would love to come up and visit and the patients sometime soon. Recovery has been an amazing journey so far and I would love to share my experience with the patients and explain what has worked for me.

  • – Anita Springer

    Hi I'm Brandons mom. I just wanted you to know that Brandon was inspired by your story. One of his most coveted possessions coming home as the card you gave him. Thank you so much for the help you and the rest of the staff gave my son. Its good to see his smile again. By the way, he's into football now. That's just a bonus for us. Cheer a little for the Seahawks! Anita Springer.

  • – Anonymous 1

    Vance, Last year in November I was in treatment. I attended all of your meetings that you spoke in, and I have to say you helped me a lot. I am proud to say that I am almost 11 months clean after a set back, but things are going really great I would love to talk to you but in any case I just wanted to stop by, show you some love, and let you know you inspired me. Thank You Vance Cody Payne

  • – Regina

    Hey Vance, how do I send you a friend request? I have a lot of clients who struggle with addiction issues so I like to read your FB with your advice. Thank you and blessings!! Regina

  • – Eric. C

    I wanted to say thank you again for the training you gave our team yesterday. You have definitely found your second calling as a speaker, your delivery was perfect and you kept everyone engaged!

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